Derby Manchester Data and Facts Manchester United vs Manchester City Prediction The Best

Premier League just left seven games again. Manchester United still stay on third standing premier league 2014/2015 season but The Reds Devils still not save cause there are many team hunted their. Manchester City fourth, Liverpool fifth, Tottenham Hotspur sixth, and Southampton seventh. Still alot possibilities for their to standing on the Big Fours Premier League in this season.

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Manchester United and Manchester City they are will for each kill, cause they are will play the derby manchester on Sunday. Margin point which is only one among both of them cause the game is very meaningful to for two teams. Not only that the game was an opportunity of revenge for United your first meet in this season lost 0-1 at home City. United can confident cause they are not lose at last fives game in the premier league while City had down perform at last five game.

Until now , Manchester United and City have met a total of 169 times in all competitions. The Red Devils ahead by collecting 69 wins , while City are 49 victories. Meanwhile, 50 other games ending without a winner aka draw. Specifically in the Premier League, Manchester United won 59 victories while City won 43 victories.

This is the record for two teams

The first game (12 November 1881): West Gorton 0–3 Newton Heath

The last game (2 November 2014): Manchester City 1–0 Manchester United

Summary game (all competition): 168
Manchester United Win: 69
Manchester City Win: 49

Summary game in Premier League: 151
United Win: 59
City Win: 43
Draw: 49

The most played: Ryan Giggs (36)

Top Scorer:
Wayne Rooney (11 gol/United)
Joe Hayes (10 gol/City)
Francis Lee (10 gol/City)
 Bobby Charlton (9 Gol/United)
 Colin Bell (8 gol/City)

The biggest scorer
MU 1–6 City (1926)
MU 0–5 City (1955)
MU 5–0 City (1994)

MU 1–6 City (2011)

That little fact between the two teams. And prediction of the match I will sponsor United because they are in a nice graph to be able to beat City. The scorer will be United 3 vs 1 City.

Thanks for visit and read my fact for United and City ( Derby Manchester ).

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